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Michigan State University
Spartan Sagas

Jordan Levin
Alumnus, 1999
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

To sum up everything over the last 35 years, I would say that I am someone who has always been relentless; someone who has never taken no for an answer; someone who has always been able to push through any obstacle that has ever been set forth in front of me; someone who has been able to help motivate others to achieve something they thought might have been impossible; someone who helps others look good, feel good, and be healthy.

I am a motivational speaker. I own a business called CrossFit Bloomfield. I am also the president of the Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation.

When I was born—I was actually born three months premature, 11 inches, and weighed in at 31 ounces. My deafness was not actually discovered until I was two-and-a-half years old. When I was about two-and-a-half years old when they found about my hearing loss, they decided that they wanted to teach me how to speak. And the reasoning behind that was they wanted me to be as normal as possible. They had to figure out how they were going to do that. And that was the beginning of their journey of teaching me how to speak—but not just speaking, but language and everything thereafter.

I do not know sign language; however, you can say that I am a very good lip-reader. This is not something that I was taught. It was something I taught myself, in a sense. Again, I missed two years of speech and language, so we figured out that during those times I must have taught myself how to lip-read. In terms of my deafness—which would be the actual label of me being deaf, but I really don’t even consider that a handicap—it is just more of who I am.

I think one of the reasons why I can be so optimistic is because my parents, who have two different personalities—my mom being very calm and quiet and always looking for information, while my dad is a little more aggressive where he wants all of the answers now. So growing up and having him teaching me how to speak, I believe he was always trying to find that perfection. And I think that kind of combines, obviously, both of them—creativeness, calm manner in myself learning from how aggressive my dad can be about finding the right answers and keep going until someone says, “oh, yes, you can do it that way,” and never taking no.

I have a nonprofit foundation called the Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation. We work with local hospitals, and we work with them on helping economically challenged kids and families to become healthy.

A lot of times, families have a hard time getting healthy. One, they may not know what to do. Two, they may know what to do, but they don’t have the resources to do so. We try to help them with that. We allow them to come and work out at the facility or they can work out at part of the hospital, which has different programs with psychologists and nutritionists and things like that.

There are a few different, I guess, definitions of a trainer. There’s a trainer and there’s a coach. I like to consider myself of more of a life coach. The idea of fitness, I believe, means to be a well-rounded person. It is it is not just a physical part of the body, it is the mental. It’s the relaxation. It’s the stress relief. It’s everything combined.

Everybody has kids, wives, husbands, families; a big house, a small house; stress, you are caring for another family member—things like that. When you come into my facility, you have about one hour to let loose, forget about all that, and just focus on what we are doing and enjoy yourself.

When I go to sleep at night—don’t get me wrong, it takes me a long time to fall asleep because my mind is always going. Yeah, granted, I have a lot of things on my plate, but it is all positive things. The more things I do, the more enjoyment I get out of it. But it is not even about money. It is just about helping people and having fun with it and seeing the smile on other people’s faces. That is all that matters to me.